“It’s a Bummer” Charity Challenge

28 09 2010

for any of you riders who are interested in philanthropy and would like to contribute to a worthy charitable cause this challenge is right up your alley! More details on race day


Wheelie King Challenge

27 09 2010

Become the Tokyo Wheelie King to recieve a prize fit for a king! A free beer of course! What else could a king possibly want! (more details on race day)

Ugly Betty task

26 09 2010

a hint at one of the race challenges ” THE UGLY BETTY”..find her to proceed on to the next challenge.. Hahaha


21 09 2010

NOVEMBER 7th 2010

ALLEY CAT RACE : 5 checkpoints, 5  tasks, 5 Photos or videos

The race itinerary will be given to each contestant at the start of the race. There are 5 checkpoints. At each checkpoint you must complete a specific task and take a photo as evidence. If you are the first to reach the final destination you are the winner and the losers must buy your drinks for the rest of the evening. How you get to each destination is up to you, what tools you use to accomplish the task are up to you. You may split into teams of no more than 4 riders per team. In such a case where we are split into teams, the losing team buys the winning team drinks for the evening. I’ll be waiting for you at the Finish Line. NOTE* to keep the race fair and clean the event promoter is not allowed to play the game. obviously it would be an unfair advantage for him knowing the itinerary before the race.( a smart-phone is highly advisable!)
TO ENTER PLEASE SEND US A MESSAGE FOR FURTHER DETAILS or Register for the race at our Facebook Event Page.

ルールは ゴールにつく前に全ての5つのチェックポイントと5つの任務こなさなければななりません。そのチェックポイントと任務はレース前に告知します。


19 09 2010

Ok, so I finally figured out how to work this thing, now i’d really like to get more people to ride together in Tokyo in the near future with the club Tokyo Fixie United so if your in the Tokyo area with your bike and want to get together with other riders for a booze cruise, hit me up!